The purpose of this site.

Since this is my first post, I hope this will explain the purpose of this site.  I’ve written and re-written this post many times in my head, before committing text to the post editor.  I struggle with telling who I am.  The simple fact is that I’m just a guy who likes to write code, likes to create art, and design things.  I’ll be expanding the “About Joe” section of this site soon.

The plan.

After 17, almost 18 years in working on the web I have yet to create a place to share not only my work and the lessons I have learned.  As I complete projects I learn along the way.  As I hear about new technologies I investigate to see how it may or may not fit with what I’m doing.

Through this website, I plan to share not only my portfolio of work but also articles explaining what I discovered in working with various web technologies.  It is my intention to share code that I have been compiling for a few months now in Github here as well.

During the Summer of 2016, I also will be attending two WordPress related events, WordCamp Northeast Ohio and WPCampus.  Both events I’ll be speaking and plan to share articles here detailing each talk, as well sharing the slide decks and any sample code after each event.  I hope to also go back in time, so-to-speak, and review previous speaking engagements and share the slide decks from those events as well.

Please check back in the coming weeks and months as I continue to add more content.